While Benefit Systems will manage the administration of our Employers plans, we are also dedicated to making sure the Employees can manage their accounts in a way that is easy and convenient. Benefit Systems offers a variety of ways to manage your account, access your funds, and receive communication.

MyWex HealthCard: The Wex Healthcard works exactly like a credit card that has the value of your account stored on it. This MasterCard offers an easy automatic way to pay for qualified health care/benefit expenses.  As soon as the card is swiped, the amount is automatically taken out of your account and the pre-tax dollars are then electronically transferred to the provider/merchant for immediate payment.  

Direct Deposit Reimbursement: Participants can take the hassle out of check deposit by electing to receive reimbursements by Direct Deposit.

Communication Options: Participants can elect to receive account balances and important plan reminders through email.

Benefit Systems Portal: Participants enjoy secure access to their accounts through the BSI online portal.. Submit claims, add receipts and more.